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Top 5 Reasons Why More Pro-Athletes Are Using KAATSU Training

The new rage in the pro-athlete worlds is the Japanese KAATSU training, with more and more people embracing this new form of exercise.

But what exactly is KAATSU training, and why is it getting so popular?
Well, the name literally translates to “additional pressure”. It refers to a form of strength training that involves the use of pneumatic belts in order to moderate the flow of blood in the arms and legs. The belts apply an optimal and safe pressure to these limbs in order to compress them and constrict the blood vessels. In this way, the body learns to moderate the flow of blood around it. The result is a revolutionary, safe and effective method of strength training. Let’s have a look at how KAATSU enables pro-athletes to enhance their workout regime.

1)   It quickly creates large fast-twitch muscle fibers
KAATSU works by triggering the body to naturally secrete hormones that will aid in the production of muscle mass. The flow of blood is lowered to the muscles in the arms and legs, which leads to correspondingly lowered oxygen levels there. This effect is compounded as more and more blood reaches those parts of the body. The process kindles the creation of the larger fast-twitch muscle fibers, thus resulting in accelerated muscle growth.

2)   Increased lactic acid levels also help increase muscle size
Muscles that do not receive adequate levels of oxygen begin to produce lactic acid, the chemical responsible for the feelings of pain and tiredness during a workout. The higher the levels of lactic acid, the more protein is stimulated to synthesize. This protein synthesis is a major contributing factor to the growth of muscles as well.

3)   Muscle mass can be increased without the use of heavy weights
The conventional wisdom is that muscle mass can only be generated through heavy weight lifting. However, KAATSU training equipment allows you to exercise with lighter weights and receive the same benefits as you would from lifting heavy weights. Training with lighter weights is especially recommended for older athletes and people with injuries, allowing them to gain muscle mass without risking injury to their bodies.

4)   Overall reduction in risk of injury
Training with lighter weights puts individuals at less risk of injury when compared to training with heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights can often cause the muscles to be over-exerted, resulting in sprains, tears and other forms of injuries. Heavy weights also have an effect on the joints, and can damage those as well. And of course, it is not uncommon for people to drop heavy weights on themselves when exercising, which can result in substantial injuries. Training with lighter weights reduces these risks, while giving you similar results.

5)   It increases your endurance
The more reps you are able to do, the more your endurance builds up. Training with lighter weights and KAATSU equipment allows you to increase the number of reps you can do for each workout, without compromising on your muscle mass.

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