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Reasons Why We Love Bulletproof Nutrition

If you’re concerned with losing that extra 50 pounds of body fat and achieve that slender waistline, the buzz around town suggests you should try switching over to the Bulletproof nutrition.

One of the most revolutionary ideas about this new form of nutrition (which has been trademarked by the way) is the Bulletproof coffee, a notch above regular black coffee. Think of it as latching an upgrade over your beat up old car, you get more bangs for your buck per liter of petrol used and the vehicle runs a lot faster!

What’s so special about the Bulletproof nutrition?
For one it doesn’t just engage the physiological side of your body, but it also helps you mentally while substantially upgrading your cognitive thinking skills. Unlike most nutrition pills out there, Bulletproof supplements are characterized by high quality, and are manufactured by sticking to the highest standards of safety – there is the industry standard, and then above all, there is the Bulletproof standard.

 How Bulletproof coffee helps you lose weight
We all tend to get struck by massive pangs of hunger in both early and late afternoon and end up eating burgers, pizzas and other damaging fast food products which leaves a lasting effect on our health. However if you were to start out your day by drinking Bulletproof coffee instead of gobbling down regular breakfast, you can reduce these afternoon snacks because the body will no longer crave for food.

It unlocks your mind’s true potential
The careful intake of nutritional pills ranging from modafinil, armodafinil, racetams and similar supplements can exponentially boost your brain’s cognitive performance, improve your memory (think of those exams!) and gain perfect clarity in your workplace. The single biggest problem affecting most employees is their low concentration spans. Planning your diet around these ‘smart’ drugs however is guaranteed to improve your focus, concentration and problem solving skills.
Those affected with attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD) are advised to stay off processed foods and choose a paleo diet instead – this alone will help you achieve lasting results in improving this mental affliction.

The wonders of the secret sauce – grass fed butter
Grass fed butter is the embodiment of everything a true Bulletproof diet is about. It is one of the healthiest fats on the planet. Studies have shown that individuals, who incorporate grass fed butter into their diet, reduce the likelihood of running into cardiovascular diseases. Since the cow’s primary source of nutrition is green grass, the resulting butter contains a larger percentage of Vitamin A than the regular butter.

Alternating between Bulletproof nutrition and intermittent fasting
Those on a healthy cycle of eating and fasting are able to derive powerful benefits for both their mind and body. The blood levels of the insulin drop rapidly which triggers fat loss. The cells also get time to recuperate from the negative effects of your bad eating habits and find the proper time to repair themselves – putting you on the path of anti-aging. Unless you overeat after fasting, you will be able to lose that stubborn belly fat which refused to go away.

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