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9 Reasons Why You Should Try Neurofeedback

Does it Work?
It would be rather unfair to make a statement or claim, stating that prescription medicines do not work. The myriad people who have witnessed positive results by taking a course of medication would definitely be surprised, because there are many who, in fact, have recovered by taking over the counter medicines.

Anyhow, there are many reasons why a doctor would prescribe over the counter medication and there are many people who would have to continue taking these in hopes of recovering from their disease. But when it comes to Neurofeedback, prescription medication really does take the backseat.

What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is basically an exercise made especially for the brain, as a means to cure the person completely of whichever brain condition they are suffering from, such as Asperger’s syndrome or migraines. These conditions are generally caused by upset brainwaves which are often times, not possible to be brought back to original state with the use of prescription medication.

A licensed Neurofeedback doctor’s job is to guide or lead the patient to retrain their brain, with the help and use of various brain training activities. The objective of these exercises is to guide the deregulated brainwaves back to their initial state of wellbeing.

How is Neurofeedback Better?
In comparison to the vast options of other medical procedures that are offered in the field, none of them have proven or given results that have last as long as Neurofeedback’s, nor have they been as risk free.

Why You Should Try Neurofeedback?

There are a lot of benefits of using Neurofeedback to help you recover from your condition. Here are 9 of the main reasons why you should try Neurofeedback:

1. Cures Depression: Neurofeedback has been known to cure a lot of conditions regarding the brain, and depression is one of them.

2. Treats PTSD: Studies have proven that Neurofeedback is also eligible to treat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which continues to be one of the leading causes of other conditions such as depression.

3. Goodbye Migraines: Neurofeedback is also used to treat those who suffer from long-term or recurring migraines.

4. Increases Motivation: For patients who suffer from a lack of motivation, Neurofeedback has proven to help make them feel lighter and a lot more positive, hence increasing motivation in time.

5. Treats ADHD: Neurofeedback is also known for its ability to treat or even cure Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, by increasing focus greatly.

6. Treats Insomnia: Almost half of the world’s population suffers from some form of insomnia, and while doctors have prescribed medication to patients from time and time again, only Neurofeedback has given results that were truly impressive even for the patients.

7. Lessens Addictions & Cravings: For people who have a hard time letting go of their addictions, Neurofeedback really proved to lessen the craving and help cope with the aftermath in a less painful manner.

8. Helped Overcome Fear: One of the most notable effects of Neurofeedback is that it greatly reduces the fear that a person might otherwise not be able to overcome.

9. Anger Management: Patients notably overcame their anger related problems with the help of Neurofeedback.

Brian explains brain performance using NeurOptimal…
When you train your brain for greater strength, resilience and flexibility you are better able to focus, drop negative chatter and shift gears with ease. The one thing that holds a top athlete back from performing at their peak is their mind. If doubt, fear and anxiety are not holding you back you have much better access to flow. I have personally experienced this in amazing state of mind with NeurOptimal.

I used to have high anxiety before a race to the point that it held me back, after NeurOptimal training I don’t get that same anxiety. You don’t have to up-train frequencies to improve performance.

NeurOptimal helps you to tap into the best version of yourself. Let Coach Brian help you get started on an amazing journey into your peak performance! Contact him today! (951) 777-9288

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