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8 ways Tri-Vortex Technology Can Help You Save Money on Expensive Vitamins and Minerals

Tri-Vortex Technology

First of all, let’s preface this article with a disclaimer: tri-vortex technology isn’t a replacement for vitamins and minerals. However, it can be used to supplement those expensive vitamins and minerals that weigh a great deal on your wallet. So what is tri-vortex technology?

Well, it involves the usage of a treatment chamber to expose drinking water to a particular set of electromagnetic harmonics through computer generation. While this is not a scientifically backed theory — its proponents claim that this treatment causes water molecules to become organized and cohesive, so much so that they could have certain unique characteristics.

This is done through what is called the Tri-Vortex Disc, which when placed in contact with a container of fluid-like juice, water or soup, could potentially improve their properties by improving the molecular structure and making it more coherent.

1) Possibly better hydration
This improved liquid is supposed to allow for the body to be better hydrated upon ingestion, since it can be absorbed better. The improved molecular structure of the water could be beneficial for your body in a manner somewhat similar to that of minerals and vitamins.

2) Better energy levels
Thanks to the more regular molecular arrangement, the body could also benefit from tri-vortex technology by having more energy levels, comfort, relief from pain and endurance. These are attributes often linked to vitamins and minerals, but you can duplicate these by using tri-vortex technology.

3) Reduce negative energies of technology
Cell phones, microwave ovens and computer screens have all been associated with harmful radiation. Some claim that these negative energies can be offset by the effects of tri-Vortex technology.

4) Stem Cell Stimulator
The Stem Cell Stimulator is a variation of the tri-vortex field that can be used directly on the human body through multi-modality sessions. Sessions of these have left individuals reporting improvements in their overall health as well as from particular ailments. Of course, this was when technology was used in conjunction with traditional medicine and therapies.

5) Natural Fast Pain Relief
Whether used in stem cell form or to treat water, tri-vortex technology could allow your body to better heal from pain and injury.

6) Increase nutrient absorption
Since the idea is that molecules are arranged better, they might be better able to be absorbed by your body so you can benefit from them fully. That’s why it’s best to use this technology in conjunction with vitamins and minerals.

7) Improve Balance
Your body could feel more balanced and at ease through regular consumption of water and fluids treated by this technology.

8) Get Better Tasting Food
The tri-vortex technology has been said to improve even the smell and taste of food articles as their molecules become better arranged.

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