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7 Ways to Bring Balance to your Mind & Body

Bring Balance to your Mind & Body

Do you feel stressed or exhausted or do you have the feeling that there simply are not enough hours in the day? Experts say that making time for reflection creates an environment to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Imagine that you are an instrument composed of three strings; ensuring that the melody of your existence is harmonious, those strings must be in tune. These three strings are your mind, your emotions and your body.

The following 7 tips will help you create a positive spiral in creating a balance of mind, body and spirit:

Dedicate 20 minutes Each Day Just to Enjoy Peace
Get up before the rest of the family. Sit near a window or in the kitchen with a cup of coffee or any hot drink of your preference just before bed.
We often harbor emotional tension in the form of un-channeled hurt or anger. These unprocessed feelings and emotions our past contribute to toxicity in our body, hence must be eliminated. Start by questioning yourself that what you are holding back from the past that no longer serves me in the present.

Exercise Daily
Regularly exercising provides remarkable advantages for both your mind and body. Exercise affects many of aging biomarkers which not only include cholesterol, aerobic capacity, bone density but also muscle mass.

Go for a walk alone or with someone you trust in the evening; if it’s a busy day then maybe finding a quiet, cozy corner helps where you can just relax and visualize. Perform controlled breathing exercises.

Walking at least one hour a day is a recommended for cutting down weight, improving your energy reserve and health.
Take Part in Active Sports

Competitive sport can be a way of liberating one’s own aggression. Practicing any sport regularly will be a good start to balance our energies: mountaineering, swimming, tennis, cycling. Punches to a boxing bag or a few kicks to the ball can be a good way to give vent to the anger that we felt during the day. Swimming, a combination of exercise with relaxing in the water is without a doubt one of the best sports to balance our whole mechanism.

Get Sufficient Rest
Make time for enough sleep. Peaceful sleep is an indispensable key to maintaining health and energy. When you are healthy and take sufficient rest, you tend to tackle stressful circumstances in a calm manner. However sleep is so often undervalued or even neglected to say the least.
Rest is an important part of your ability to cope with daily demands and obligations. Highly successful people recognize rest as a fundamental pillar in their performance. Resting a minimum number of 8 hours is essential for maintaining a daily rest rhythm. Going to bed every day at a different time increases the chances of having sleep disorders.

Cherish the Nature and Surroundings
The contact with nature is another very valuable to refine your mechanism. Walking through the woods, going to the beach, walking barefoot on the sand, listening to the sound of running water are experiences that relax, repair and restore vitality.

Cultivate Love Relationships
Research has proven that a strong social support system has enumerable advantages for your mental as well as physical well-being. You can avoid the feeling of loneliness or isolation if you have strong intimate relationships. In this way you can cope with stress much better and promote a feeling of wellness within yourself.

Benefit from a Good Laugh Every Day
From the scientific point of view, laughter is a graceful mind-body experience that serves to cut down the creation of stress hormones and is also good for the entire immune system. Japanese researchers have proved that people who have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis when watch a comic narrative observe a momentous reduction in the stress hormone and level of pain coupled with an improved immune system response.

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