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10 ways heart math can help you live longer

We live in a complex world of war, hunger, crime, famine, poverty, capitalism and materialistic competition and major health crisis which causes high level of stress. This stress leads to high level of anxiety, lack of sleep and concentration and so much more.

Hearth Math is a technique which enables an individual to balance their brain and heart in harmony, while training your body to keep your heart beating at a steady level. Founder of Heart Math Doc Childre has created scientifically validated techniques, training programs and product which helps individual to reach a level of inner peace and self-content, leading to positive-growth for oneself, others and for the society as whole.

There are many this new found clinically studies that show that heart math are beneficial for a longer life:

1. Anti-aging
The various tools and exercises relaxes their inner mind and soul causing them to let go of all their stress and anxiety, which ultimately make them sleep better and make them feel healthy. Therefore, makes them look younger. There are various technological products and personal training provided to inspire a growth mindset and willingness to better lives for others around you.

2. Concentration
It allows you to shut down all the distraction and external stressors and achieve higher levels of focus, self-reflection, and concentration. Once they are able to let go of all the emotional baggage and achieve some level of inner peace between the heart and mind their mind becomes sharper. The emwave and iPods helps the individual become better listeners and studies provide data that individuals have less level of intention of leaving their jobs.

3. Induces Calmness
The tranquility and serene feeling you get on such high form synchronization between the heart and mind makes you feel composed. It allows you to notice what is really important in life. Webinar and self-help books on stress Hearth Math provides you coping mechanism to deal with day to day challenges and life complexities. The exercises help in reduction of anxiety, reduction in work, and home related conflict. It also improves the level of heart beat.

4. Improved sleep
Once you are calm and focused you reduce stress and anxiety, which allows you to sleep peacefully.  Having a proper good night sleep allows the brain, heart and other body functions to come in harmony with its balanced heart. Brain fitness programs, meditation and other tools help people become healthier and revitalized.

5. Better emotional health
Lack of stress and anxiety, a good night’s sleep, and calmness, ultimately causes the mind to become coherent with the heart. A focused, sharp, stress-free individual is able to manage their mental health better. The e-books and meditation has proven to reduce the level of depression as all of the above-discussed factors are interwoven with one another. It does allow individuals to be more centered, allowing their heart and mind to be coherent with each other.

6. Higher rate of efficiency
A sharper mind enables the individual to speed up their rate of performance and efficacy in all arenas of life which can lead them towards success. Coach and mentors trained to help individuals through the Heart Math method and webinars are able to help people become tougher to face challenges head on. There is reduction in level of fatigue and muscle tension, which again helps in improving their performance.

7. Inner balance
When all the above factors are in sync with one another, it creates a moment of epiphany and contemplation sending out positive vibes to themselves and their surrounding hence forth; acquiring inner peace. Where the heart, body, mind and soul; adapt to function in synchronization with one another.

8. Self-security
Self-security is about having an unbreakable confidence in yourself; in being self-sufficient; in being content with ourselves. When you learn to find inner peace, learn to adapt to the changes in your given surrounding, and receive self-actualization, it subsequently leads to self-security.

9. Builds resilience
Organizational training programs helps you become more adaptable and skilled to face to stress and conflict in your work environment.

10. Reduction in Anger
Once you accomplish or acquire heart and mind coherence, you tend to be less irritable and impatient. The frustration level decreases.

Let Coach Brian help you manage stress using a science base program called HeartMath. 

Brain uses this proven method to help clients build resilience from stress
You will learn strategies to build your resilience and boost your ability to “take charge” of yourself by regulating your energy throughout the day, a key in building and sustaining your resilience. Exploring the energy-management concepts can help you see where you may be draining your energy and depleting your reserves, which can keep you from being your best. You may discover in some cases the source of your stress is not what it may appear to be.

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