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What I’ve appreciated most about Brian is his methodology. He does his research and stays up to date. He takes a scientific approach to matters of health, wellness and coaching. I’ve watched him improve over the years. He also stays on the side of being results based.

For his Clients in the “High Performance” category he wants to see lab tests that allow him to get a snapshot of your current health, make recommendations and design a fitness regimen. Then he takes a look at tests done afterwards to see the results and to make further recommendations.

My Story
I was 265 (80 pounds overweight) with have Type-2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.

This summer(2017), things took a turn for the worst. My blood sugar shot up and stayed in the 260-280’s, Blood Pressure was 30 points higher than normal and I really felt sick.

After watching “Forks over Knives” and “What the Health” I decided to try a low-fat, plant-based diet. I figured what the hell, let’s see if it will work.

With a Plant-based low-fat diet and Brian’s fitness advice plus dietary recommendations, I have lost over 20 pounds, my blood pressure dropped 40 points, my blood sugar down to normal (100-120) and cut my meds in half in the first month. I am still losing weight.

Most trainers I've tried to work with in the past do not support a "vegan" or "plant-based" approach to training. Brian was not that way with me. He has been supportive and very helpful.

In fact a meal replacement (Living Fuel SuperGreens) and a nitric oxide supplement (SuperBeets) that he uses I now use because it is completely vegan.

Thanks for your help on my Plant-Based Endeavor Brian.

Eric Griffin, Web Designer