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Thank you all for the constant cheer and encouragement over the last several days. I cannot thank Brian Johnson enough from BP Coaching for his knowledge and expertise. There was several times throughout the 74 hours and 12 minutes that I contacted him for advise. Each time he broke it down for me and would always end it saying "regardless if your walking or riding you are moving forward”.

January 1st
At the beginning of the year I restricted my carbs and have been working closely with Brian Johnson and following his bulletproof and OFM protocols. Using fat as fuel has given has given me the best control I have ever had of my sugar over the last 20 years, I now have daily average of 100mg/dl along with my performance on a bicycle has increased dramatically. Over the 74 hours it took me to complete this ride my running average was 130mg/dl.

I would do these multiple mile climbs throughout the event and start the climb with a sugar of 120 and end the climb at 120. Using fat, as fuel is one of the best things I have found and I’m eager to work with Brian Johnson more to really fine tune it. I recommend that everyone at least look into ketogenic diet (OFM program) regardless if its for weight loss, health concerns, or performance increase.

After 24 hours from finishing I feel great. I don’t feel sore or banged up my only issue is I have a blister on the bottom of my sole probably from the 5-7 mile hike a bike we did in a sand wash. Using fat as fuel is the way to go. And yes, even though its only 24 hours from the finish I plan on doing it again.

Thank you Brian!

Matt Kearney

Matt Kearney, Contractor