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1. Wear the provided anklet on either the right or left ankle for the first 40 days to help amplify and circulate vitamin and minerals throughout the body. The ankle bracelet is waterproof and can be worn at all times. After the initial 40 day protocol the anklet can be discarded but recommended the anklet be worn as long as possible. The anklet is adjustable just simple attach the clasp to any loop on chain for comfortable fit.

2. We recommend to wear the the TriVibes with the provided chain around the neck close to the chest and heart for a min of three hrs. Best results are when the amulet is worn day and night. Night time helps with body recovery.

3. The Trivibes is water resistant. TriVibes can withstand light showers but is not waterproof and should not be submerged as this can potentially damage the minerals inside the amulet.

4. If performing a post micronutrient test such as a SpectraCell test wait for a min of 40 days for vitamin/minerals levels to balance in the body.

5. You cannot overdose on vitamin/mineral levels wearing the amulet. The amulets uses light particle assimilation technology that helps balance your own bodies levels. Once optimum levels are reached the amulet emits what is needed to help the body balance own levels.

6. Some may experience a detox phase in the first 1-14 days depending on hydration and diet. The amulet my emit a metallic vitamin odor which is normal for the first 30 days. If a heavy odor persist beyond get 40 days contact manufacture. Some headaches could occur as a detox phase this will pass.

7. The Trivibes helps your body balance the levels of vitamins and minerals. The TriVibes should not be worn to replace poor nutrition and lack of hydration. Eating a good balanced diet high in vegetables is most important and produces the best results when wearing the amulet.

8. Hydration is also important. Everyones hydration requirements can different based upon many factors. The best way to tell proper hydration is to check color of urine. Color should have a slight tint of yellow. Clear could be over hydration and dark yellow can be under hydration. We recommend using the TriVortex disc to structure the water for optimal absorption.

9. TriVibes can be used both to replace and help absorption of vitamin/minerals listed on ingredient page. We are not saying to stop supplementing but there is no need to supplement with the amulets technology. In many cases the body doesn't absorb vitamin and minerals properly based on GI health. The amulet and structured hydration help the body absorb on a cellular level.