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Transitions via Tri-Vortex Protocols

How can a person transition from having two nutrient deficiencies and eleven borderline nutrient deficiencies to having NO NUTRIENT DEFICENCIES in four months while not taking any oral or IV vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for 45 days?

This compelling case study is not an isolated incident but an on-going before and after test protocol that has generated 21 similar or identical positive results over the past four years. All test subjects completing the one-of-a-kind before and after Tri-Vortex protocol have experienced similar or identical benefits.

In early October of 2016, Brian Johnson, a very physically fit 43 year-old male athlete, completed five Stem Cell Stimulator (SCS) sessions for chronic back and joint pain and to improve his stamina and strength for an upcoming strenuous athletic competitive event being held in Hawaii.

The supposed back pain was pin pointed to the kidney areas and instigated the question of whether or not the pain was rooted in chronic dehydration of the kidneys caused by the high consumption of caffeine and no consumption of pure molecularly coherent water? During the sessions he informed the SCS staff that he had completed a blood test conducted by SpectraCell Labs.

The SpectraCell protocol has been controversial for numerous years. Skeptics are encouraged to hold off on any judgments until they contact the SpectraCell lab director and Medical Doctors and other health care professionals who have successfully used the SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing for a full scientific explanation regarding the methods, efficacy and value of the novel nutrient testing.

800.227.5227 (toll-free) 713.621.3101 (local)
spec1@spectracell.com https://www.spectracell.com/

Brian Johnson’s statement

On 2/1/16 I started the following supplements below as a daily regimen. On 8/2/16 I had my first SpectraCell test done to confirm levels of what I was consuming for six months.

On 10/1/16 I meet Brian David Andersen and purchased the Tri‐Vibes Amulet and Tri‐Vibe Disc.

I also read Andersen’s book Super Hydrate & Charge Your Cells and began to drink the Tri‐Vortex treated distilled water immediately. I have been wearing the amulet 24/7 since 10/1/16.
On 10/31/16 I decided to stop 100% of all supplements but still continue to wear the Tri‐Vibes amulet and consume 80‐120 Fluids ounces of distilled water treated by the Tri‐Vortex Disc on a daily basis. The reason for stopping the supplements was I wanted to give my system time to clear and reset before testing again using SpectraCell to see how my levels maintained, weather they raised or dropped.

I eat Whole Foods. 2‐3 times per day with high vegetable intake. 30% protein from grass fed beef, bison, lamb, pork, wild caught salmon, whey protein, collagen protein. 30‐40% carbs from vegetables. I do not consume any wheat products, nothing with gluten. Mainly vegetables. 30‐40% HEALTY fats, from eggs, MCT (coconut oils), nut butters, no deep fried anything, no dairy. My LDL and HDLs and triglycerides are perfect!

Rainbow light Advanced Enzyme system ‐

Vitamin C 1000 mg ‐ Pantothenic acid 250 mg ‐ Biotin 80 mcg – B12 100 mcg ‐folate 200 mcg ‐B6 30 mcg‐Niacin80 mg‐ riboflavin 30 mcg ‐Thiamin 50 mg ‐Magnesium citrate 340mg Magnesium L‐Threonate 2000 mg.‐ Potassium 150 mg ‐ Calcium 300 mg. ‐ Iodine 120 mcg ‐ Zinc 21 mg. –Selenium 150 mcg.‐ CoQ10 30 mg.‐ Glutathione 100 mg. ‐ Molybdenum 35 mcg. ‐ Manganese 6 mg. ‐Chromium Picolinate 500 mcg.‐ Vitamin D3 40,000 IU ‐ Vitamin K2 100 mcg. ‐ Krill oil 1000mg ‐ Arginine 500 mg. –Ortithine 250 mg ‐Rhodiola 150 mg ‐Holy basil leaf 100 mg. ‐ Ashwaganda ‐ Turmeric curcumin 500 mg. Vibrant Heath's‐ Green Vibrance plant based super food ‐ Sleep aid‐L‐tryptophan 400mg,5‐Hydroxtyptophan 150 mg, Valerian root 450 mg Alert aid‐ L‐tyrosine, L‐theanine –
oat straw 650 mg, Bacopa ‐ Huperzia, 240 mg.

The MD who wrote the prescription for the second SpectraCell test stated :

For six months the patient consumed multiple Vit B, vit C, Vit D, Vit K, multiple mineral, trace mineral, multiple amino acid, antioxidant, enzyme, multiple adaptogenic / other herbal supplements, as well as a concentrated greens supplement.
A complete SpectraCell Laboratories micronutrient test was then performed in August of 2016.
Despite the massive oral supplementation above, the patient exhibited TWO deficiencies and ELEVEN borderline deficiencies. Many of these 13 deficiencies/borderline deficiencies were tested in elements for which the patient intensely supplemented.

On October 30th the patient started to wear the Tri‐Vortex Tri‐Vibes and started consuming adequate amounts of Tri‐Vortex treated distilled water. One month later all oral supplements were discontinued.

After 2.5 months of wearing the Tri‐VIbes and 1.5 months off all oral supplements, the SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing was repeated in December of 2016 and showed ZERO deficiencies and ZERO borderline deficiencies.

Of note, every functional end point exhibited levels well above the reference range.
SpectraCell states that if oral regimens of vitamins and minerals do assist the body, full absorption only takes four to six months after oral intake commences thus the nutrients are of any benefit to the cells. After six months of intense oral intake, Brian Johnson did not absorb or was absorbing low levels of numerous nutrients according to the SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing. Tri-Vibes, featuring Light Particle Assimilation, is the only nutrient product to make dramatic transitions in 40 to 60 days according to the 22 Tri-Vortex case studies involving SpectraCell protocols.

The expensive and time consuming oral and IV supplements have the opportunity to cause severe stress on the kidneys and bladder especially in dehydrated individuals while the Tri-Vibes have no contra-indications regardless of any negative hydration habits of the individuals.

Also SpectraCell states that only around three percent of test subjects taking oral vitamins, minerals and nutrients ever achieve the status of zero deficiencies. SpectraCell was totally unaware that the second test in this case study and all case studies involved the Tri-Vibes.

And besides the zero nutrient deficiencies, Brian Johnson no longer has any back and joint pain after continually drinking the Tri-Vortex treated distilled water thus relieving and preventing the stress of dehydration on his kidneys that caused his now resolved back pain.

There are many more benefits related to the Tri-Vortex Stem Cell Stimulator sessions than just moving positively charged stems cells to negatively charged target areas in need of healing and rejuvenation.