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The TriVortex technology Experience

As an athlete your always in search for a winning combination. Training and racing for years I was having troubles with consistent results with hydration and digestion issues leading into muscle cramps even with use of many highly recommend supplemental protocols before and after meals.

Now understanding the importance of proper hydration and nutrition during activities I have paid close attention and have complied years of field testing and blood testing also using using the TriVortex technology.

Over a year ago I met the founder Dr. Brian David Andersen after researching his TriVortex Technology. Brian took interest in my case as an athlete. Together we worked on various protocols using his technologies.

Ive been wearing my Trivibes amulet and using my TriVortex Disc over a year. Over this last year I have been training, bike racing, Xterra off road and Ironman events I have experienced patterns in my hydration and mineral levels. I have put my body through extreme conditions competing in 24 hour mountain bike racing in the deserts of Arizona, competing in the World championship Ironman pushing my heart rate above lactic threshold for over 5 hours and racing the Xterra World Championship off road triathlon in 85 degrees with extreme humidity levels in Maui. 

I have discovered patterns and changes of hydration and nutrition absorption. I always distill and structure my water using the TriVortex Disc at the beginning of activities. During longer durations of activities I don't have access to structured water so usually I drink what I can get access to. I also consume low glycemic carbs to fuel my high intensity efforts.

What I discovered immediately after consuming regular water I would experience minor GI issues feeling as if the nutrition I consumed was not effective. Due to this effect I would keep tweaking things based on nutrition that has always works for me.

I came to the conclusion it always happened when I switched to regular non structured bottled water. I began to feel this intuitively so I consulted with Brian and the conclusion is to stay hydrated with structured water. Also to find methods during activities to carry enough structured water to complete the activity. Brian explains this the effects from lack of cellular hydration would be noticed almost immediately.

Dr. Brian David Anderson’s response
“Car engines need the proper fuel to operate and sewers need water to move the waste. Both cars and sewers use pipes and most often the mistaken perception of proper hydration of humans is that dynamic only occurs in the large vessels of the body.

However, humans develop and excrete waste products in the cell membranes. If the water one consumes has molecular chaos, the flushing motion of the acids and toxins building-up in the cell membranes will not be as thorough and complete as when molecularly structured water is consumed.

Human bodies are like a high performance race vehicles that require the correct liquids and solids to function at a high level. If humans were to simply change their perception of themselves and treat their bodies like high performance race vehicles, disease rates would be cut in half and athletes would perform at their highest level for years beyond the normal retirement age of today. 

Mr. Johnson was consuming structured water before and during the first portion of the competition that was flushing the toxins in a timely manner but he then he consumed chaos structured water at a critical point in the competition when his cell membranes were producing the highest amount of toxins yet the cell membranes were conditioned to thoroughly and completely flush the wastes with structured water.

Mr. Johnson drinking the molecularly chaos water was like pouring regular gasoline into a high performance car and then jamming the exhaust system with debris during the middle of the race.

The toxins were flushed and his performance improved within one hour after he began drinking the structured water because the proper dynamics were occurring in the cell membranes.”

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