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Bulletproof Nutrition

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Lifestyle Nutrition

BP Coaching can create a nutrition plan specifically to your needs.

Understand how proper nutrition such as eliminating processed foods and sugar can help reduce inflammation, maintain your ideal weight, help with quality sleep, maximize youthful energy and reduce stress on the body. 

Giving Ourselves the optimal nutrition is key to fueling our bodies it’s celluar requirements.  

Physical, mental and emotional needs important because with the correct balance of macro-and micro-nutrients to fuel our system with the powerful tools it needed for us to perform at the our highest level.

Lifestyle Changes

We Recommend the Following:

  • High Quality fats are essential and help give us energy and power through the day

  • Wide Variety of vegetables provide us with fiber to help our digestive system and sustains micro-nutritional components

  • Moderate protein of mixed and complex amino-acid construction to help us grow and recover plus it stabilizes our blood sugar and cravings.

  • Low sugars help create optimize performance and balance in all of our systems.

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