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Movement Techniques


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From beginner to advanced instructors Yoga can be performed on all levels. Yoga cultivates health and wellbeing through regular practice. There are many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.

All forms of yoga are very beneficial. For example the practice of kundalini yoga features constant moving, invigorating poses. The fluidity of the practice is intended to release the kundalini energy in your body. Think of it as an energy supply.

This practice aims to awaken your body. The many benefits of Yoga include, Increased flexibility, Increased muscle strength and tone, Improved respiration, energy and vitality, Maintaining a balanced metabolism, Weight reduction, Cardio and circulatory health, Improved athletic performance, Protection from injury.


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Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improves coordination and balance. Pilates allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced or to any other level, and also in terms of the instructor and practitioner’s specific goals and/or limitations. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

Muscle Recovery Techniques

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Foam Rolling is a form of self-myofacial release. Self massage techniques using a simple foam roller is used to release muscle tightness and overactive muscles.  This method can be performed with many forms of foam rollers, tennis balls or your own hands.

When you apply pressure to a specific muscle on your body you are able to assist in returning the muscle back to it’s normal function.  This technique allows you to regain your muscles elasticity, health, and body performance

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About Stretching

Its always important to stretch and warm up before any types of activities or exercises. Even after waking up from sleep or prolonged periods of rest your body needs to stretch. This will increase blood flow and activate muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Being flexible is an important part of our muscle and joint health.  Stretching helps maintain our muscles flexibility, strength and over all health. The body needs to be flexible in order to maintain a range of motion in our joints.