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10 ways heart math can help you live longer

We live in a complex world of war, hunger, crime, famine, poverty, capitalism and materialistic competition and major health crisis which causes high level of stress. This stress leads to high level of anxiety, lack of sleep and concentration and so much more. Hearth Math is a technique which enables an individual to balance their…
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Reasons Why We Love Bulletproof Nutrition

BULLETPROOF NUTRITION If you’re concerned with losing that extra 50 pounds of body fat and achieve that slender waistline, the buzz around town suggests you should try switching over to the Bulletproof nutrition. One of the most revolutionary ideas about this new form of nutrition (which has been trademarked by the way) is the Bulletproof…
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Vitalize Body – Mindful Breathing

Under-slept, overworked and feeling the pressure?
 For many of us, a stressful day usually comes down to an evening spent zoning out in front of the TV set. Unfortunately, this does little to mitigate the dangerous effects of stress.
“Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems…
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